My 20s as documented by 5 close friends who happen to be photographers

The first 6 were taken by Mark Ovaska at various points throughout my 20s. Mark and Have Traveled to 6 countries and 15 or 20 states together these last ten years. He was just starting his career as photo journalist and I was beginning to pursue writing in a serious manner. The first photo is from my first trip to Europe, a few days after my 21st birthday. 

Photo 7 was taken by Cassie Kebler, I was in a band with her husband at the time at it was a photo shoot for a record that never got finished or released. 

8-10 Are the work of Breezy Baldwin. I had the pleasure of Driving from LA to Nashville with Breezy a few years ago and she has been kind enough to snap a few shots here and there since then. 

11 is a photo by Ashley Mae Wright , who is a member of the unrequited love, the band I made my most recent music project with in 2013. That photo was a promo shot for the record we were working on at the time. 

The final photo was taken a few months ago by Cassie Ponder. She is a new friend and somewhat of a new photographer. She has a great eye for natural, candid shots.

It was fun digging through the archives for some of these. I am so grateful to have these little snap shots of me from over the years.