Don't Make Her Ugly

J. Churchill Morris

Art knows many shapes and forms, it is not the enemy of science but rather the compliment. A five star meal, the night sky at dusk and the human figure are all canvases painted with the beautiful colors of science.

The Artist takes her shared experience in the human narrative and turns it into something tangible, she sings words for those with no voice, dances for those cannot move, brings laughter for those who forget how to smile. “That’s so true” is the chorus echoed by her fellow humans when something she creates resonates inside of them. It’s in these moments she feels most alive.

The artist spends a lifetime learning the language of their craft so they can stand as a translator, taking the most special, painful, humorous, inspiring moments off the pages of the day to day and putting them into the language of art. Art tells us, “we are not alone”. Great art simply illuminates truth.

The artist can get lost sometimes. She can become a slave to approval. She can get turned around in the search for recognition or financial gain or become exhausted from carrying all the stories of her fellow man. She has a proclivity for depression, anxiety and fear. She has the potential of inspiring hope, re-framing pain, igniting passion and breathing life into the dullest of moments. She is tired yet resilient. 

There are very few ladders for her to climb. She learns to live with less. She is often fulfilled by simply creating. But life does not stop when she creates it still demands much of her. Society has expectation that must be met. Economic exchange is inevitable.

She hopes her creations are a gift to the world, to make it better, more enlightened, happier or challenged. If the beauty she brings into the ether of our human race can slow us down for a moment and cause reflection than she is valuable.

Celebrate the artists in your life. Thank them for how they’ve brought your story to life. We are all connected, we are not alone. She lives to remind us of this in her own way.  She learns the rules so she knows how to break them. She hopes that she can be both understood and incredibly unique. She is ever evolving. She will never be “normal” but she should be respected, loved and celebrated.

This is the artist and she is beautiful